Vision Scientific VAA509 Animal Meiosis 3D Model

Explore the Intricacies of Animal Meiosis with Vision Scientific VAA509 3D Model

Are you looking for a captivating and educational way to demonstrate the process of animal meiosis in your biology classroom? Look no further than the Vision Scientific VAA509 3D model. This detailed display offers a comprehensive look at the 10 stages of meiosis, complete with open cell organelles for a truly immersive learning experience.

Detailed and Educational Display

The Vision Scientific VAA509 3D model is designed to provide a detailed and educational display of animal meiosis. Each stage of the process is meticulously recreated, allowing students to visualize the intricate changes that occur within the cell during meiosis. The open cell organelles further enhance the learning experience, providing a clear view of the internal structures involved in the process.

Equipped with Stand for Easy Viewing

To ensure easy viewing in the classroom, the VAA509 model comes equipped with a stand. This allows the display to be easily positioned for optimal visibility, ensuring that every student can fully engage with the learning material.

Comprehensive Manual Included

In addition to the 3D model, the VAA509 package includes a comprehensive manual. This resource provides valuable information on each stage of meiosis, as well as additional insights into the significance of the process in the context of animal reproduction. The manual serves as a valuable tool for educators and students alike, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Perfect for Biology Classrooms

The Vision Scientific VAA509 3D model is the perfect addition to any biology classroom. Whether you’re introducing students to the concept of meiosis for the first time or delving deeper into the intricacies of cell division, this display offers a captivating and informative way to explore the topic.


With its detailed open cell organelles, 10-stage demonstration, and comprehensive manual, the Vision Scientific VAA509 3D model is a must-have for any biology classroom. Engage your students and bring the process of animal meiosis to life with this innovative educational tool.

  • 10-stage meiosis demonstration
  • Detailed open cell organelles
  • Equipped with stand for easy viewing
  • Comprehensive manual included
  • Perfect for biology classrooms

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the model suitable for high school biology classes?

Yes, the VAA509 3D model is designed to be suitable for high school biology classes, providing a comprehensive and engaging way to explore the process of animal meiosis.

Can the model be easily assembled?

Yes, the model comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions, making it simple to set up for classroom use.

Is the display durable enough for regular classroom use?

Yes, the VAA509 model is constructed from durable materials, ensuring that it can withstand regular handling in a classroom environment.