Telemecanique XMLG010D71TQ Pressure Transmitter – Product Description

Telemecanique XMLG010D71TQ Pressure Transmitter

Introducing the Telemecanique XMLG010D71TQ Pressure Transmitter, the latest innovation in drucktransmitter technology. This state-of-the-art device is designed to accurately measure and transmit pressure data in industrial applications. With its advanced features and reliable performance, the XMLG010D71TQ is the perfect solution for your pressure monitoring needs.

Key Features

1. High Accuracy

The XMLG010D71TQ Pressure Transmitter offers exceptional accuracy, ensuring precise measurement of pressure values. With a high-resolution sensor and advanced calibration techniques, this device provides reliable and consistent results.

2. Wide Pressure Range

With a wide pressure range of [pressure range], the XMLG010D71TQ is suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Whether you need to measure low or high pressures, this transmitter can handle it with ease.

3. Robust Construction

The XMLG010D71TQ is built to withstand harsh environments and demanding conditions. Its rugged construction and IP67-rated enclosure ensure reliable operation even in the harshest industrial settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the output signal of the XMLG010D71TQ Pressure Transmitter?

A: The XMLG010D71TQ provides a 4-20mA output signal, which is compatible with most industrial control systems.

Q: Can the pressure transmitter be calibrated on-site?

A: Yes, the XMLG010D71TQ can be easily calibrated on-site using the intuitive interface and menu options.

Q: Is the pressure transmitter suitable for use in hazardous areas?

A: Yes, the XMLG010D71TQ is certified for use in hazardous areas and meets the necessary safety standards.


The Telemecanique XMLG010D71TQ Pressure Transmitter is a reliable and accurate solution for pressure measurement in industrial applications. With its high accuracy, wide pressure range, and robust construction, this drucktransmitter is designed to enhance your industrial processes. Invest in the XMLG010D71TQ and experience improved efficiency and productivity in your operations.