SIRUI K-30X Aluminium Tripod Ball Head: The Perfect Companion for Your Photography Adventures

Are you tired of struggling with unstable tripod heads that compromise the quality of your photographs? Look no further than the SIRUI K-30X Aluminium Tripod Ball Head. This innovative accessory is designed to provide you with the stability and precision you need to capture stunning images.

Unparalleled Precision and Quality

At SIRUI, we understand the importance of precision in photography. That’s why our K-30X ball head is manufactured with extreme precision and the utmost care. Using high-end CNC milling and a high-quality surface finish, we ensure that every tripod head meets our rigorous standards.

The KX series, including the K-30X, boasts a maximum tolerance of 0.01mm between the ball and the bearing. This level of precision allows the ball head to work accurately and smoothly, providing you with a firm grip on your camera.

360掳 Rotating Panoramic Capability

One of the standout features of the SIRUI K-30X is its 360掳 rotating panoramic base. This allows you to capture breathtaking panoramic shots with ease. Whether you’re shooting landscapes or architectural marvels, this ball head will help you achieve stunning results.

Additionally, the locking knob for the ball can be limited using a scale in the end stop. This means that you can adjust the movement of the head to suit your individual camera, preventing excessive release of the ball and unintentional tilting.

Enhanced Stability and Compatibility

The SIRUI K-30X is constructed using high-quality anodized aluminum alloy and advanced CNC milling technology. This ensures that the ball head is stable and solid, with a load capacity of up to 30kg/66.1lb. Whether you’re using a heavy DSLR camera or a lightweight action camera, this ball head can handle it all.

With a 60mm/2.4inch large base diameter, the K-30X offers enhanced stability, allowing you to capture sharp and blur-free images. The quick release plate mount is compatible with the Arca Swiss system, providing you with the flexibility to use various plates.

Easy and Precise Operation

The SIRUI K-30X features a unique locking system that is designed to prevent accidental sliding of the camera. This system consists of a plate knob, safety pin, base lock, ball lock, and a built-in friction control dial. With these features, you can trust that your camera will stay securely in place.

The locking knobs are coated with a rubber sleeve, providing precise and comfortable operation. Whether you’re adjusting the ball head for a different angle or capturing portrait shots, you can do so with ease and confidence.

Versatile and Compatible

The SIRUI K-30X is not limited to tripod and monopod use. It can also be connected to DSLR cameras, camera sliders, camcorders, action cameras, light stands, and more. This versatility makes it the perfect companion for all your photography adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the load capacity of the SIRUI K-30X?
  2. The SIRUI K-30X has a load capacity of up to 30kg/66.1lb, making it suitable for a wide range of cameras and equipment.

  3. Is the quick release plate compatible with other systems?
  4. Yes, the quick release plate mount is compatible with the Arca Swiss system, allowing you to use various plates.

  5. Can the ball head be attached to a tripod or monopod?
  6. Yes, the SIRUI K-30X has a 3/8″ screw hole at the bottom, making it easy to attach to a tripod or monopod.

  7. Does the ball head come with a bubble level?
  8. Yes, the SIRUI K-30X is equipped with a bubble level, ensuring that your camera is perfectly level for accurate shots.


The SIRUI K-30X Aluminium Tripod Ball Head is a must-have accessory for any photographer. With its unparalleled precision, stability, and compatibility, this ball head will take your photography to new heights. Whether you’re capturing panoramic landscapes or shooting in challenging conditions, the K-30X will be your reliable companion. Invest in the SIRUI K-30X and unlock your creative potential today!