OwnMyDome Magnifiers: The Perfect Reading Aid

OwnMyDome Magnifiers: The Perfect Reading Aid

What is dome magnifier? A dome magnifier is a dome-shaped magnifying device made of glass or acrylic plastic, used to enlarge words on a page or computer screen. They are plano-convex lenses: the flat (planar) surface is placed on the object to be magnified, and the convex (dome) surface provides the enlargement, usually providing magnification more than 1.8x.

How does it work?

Dome magnifiers work by using their convex surface to provide magnification. They are often used by the visually impaired and are good for reading maps or basic text. Their inherent 180° design naturally amplifies illumination from ambient side-light, making them perfect for reading in various lighting conditions.


  • 1.8x MAGNIFICATION – Perfect for reading newspapers, maps, contracts, architecture plans, negatives, documents, and other reading material.
  • EXTREMELY CLEAR MAGNIFICATION – This optical glass dome is free of any marks or engravings providing you with clear and obstruction-free magnification.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – This Magnifying Glass Dome not only helps us enjoy our reading experience but also serves as a paperweight to keep our reading materials in place.
  • GIFT BOX – Each magnifying glass dome comes in an elegant gift box, making this a perfect gift for your friend, boss, or coworker.


Material: glass
Size: 4′ / 100mm in diameter
Weight: 730g

Package includes

1x crystal dome paperweight

Additional Information

Material: super glass, 4′ / 100mm in diameter
Easy to use: works on everything that you can lay flat, not need to be held
Relief to be able to read something without wearing glasses, doubles as a paperweight to hold your page
It can provide 1.8x magnification, helping read fine print, notes on blueprints and papers with clear images
Clean and neat in design, come in a gift box

Common Questions

Q: Can the dome magnifier be used for reading small text?
A: Yes, the 1.8x magnification makes it perfect for reading small text on blueprints, maps, and other documents.

Q: Is the glass dome easy to clean?
A: Yes, the glass dome is easy to clean and is free of any marks or engravings, providing clear and obstruction-free magnification.


OwnMyDome magnifiers are the perfect reading aid for anyone in need of a little extra help with reading small text. With 1.8x magnification and extremely clear glass, they are a great gift for friends, family, or coworkers. Whether it’s for reading newspapers, maps, contracts, or architecture plans, these magnifiers are a versatile and useful tool for anyone.