Genuine Honda Touch-Up Paint – Habanero Red Pearl

Genuine Honda Touch-Up Paint – Habanero Red Pearl

Are you tired of seeing those unsightly scratches and chips on your beloved Honda vehicle? Look no further! Introducing Genuine Honda (08703-YR557PAH-PN) Touch-Up Paint in the stunning Habanero Red Pearl color.

Why Choose Genuine Honda Touch-Up Paint?

When it comes to maintaining the pristine appearance of your Honda, nothing beats Genuine Honda Touch-Up Paint. Here’s why:

1. Perfect Color Match

Our touch-up paint is specifically formulated to match the exact color code YR557P of your Habanero Red Pearl Honda. Say goodbye to visible touch-up jobs and hello to a seamless finish.

2. Easy Application

Applying our touch-up paint is a breeze. The convenient brush applicator allows for precise and controlled application, ensuring a professional-looking result every time.

3. Long-Lasting Protection

Not only does our touch-up paint cover up those annoying scratches and chips, but it also provides a protective layer that helps prevent further damage. Keep your Honda looking brand new for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this touch-up paint on other car brands?

A: While our touch-up paint is specifically designed for Honda vehicles, it may work on other car brands with a similar Habanero Red Pearl color. However, we recommend consulting a professional before using it on non-Honda vehicles.

Q: How long does the touch-up paint take to dry?

A: The drying time may vary depending on the temperature and humidity. Generally, it takes around 24 hours for the touch-up paint to fully dry. We recommend avoiding washing or waxing the area during this time.

Q: Can I use this touch-up paint on larger areas of damage?

A: Our touch-up paint is best suited for small scratches and chips. For larger areas of damage, we recommend seeking professional assistance to ensure a seamless repair.


Don’t let those scratches and chips ruin the appearance of your Honda. With Genuine Honda (08703-YR557PAH-PN) Touch-Up Paint in Habanero Red Pearl, you can easily fix and protect your vehicle’s paintwork. Order yours today and enjoy a flawless finish!