Fox Enduro Pro Knee Guard Black, 2XL – Product Description

Fox Enduro Pro Knee Guard Black, 2XL

Introducing the Fox Enduro Pro Knee Guard Black, 2XL – the perfect companion for extreme sports enthusiasts who prioritize safety without compromising comfort. Designed with the latest technology and premium materials, these knee guards offer superior protection and durability.


1. Advanced Impact Protection: The Fox Enduro Pro Knee Guard Black, 2XL is equipped with innovative impact-absorbing materials that provide maximum protection against high-impact collisions and falls.

2. Breathable and Lightweight: Made from breathable and lightweight materials, these knee guards ensure optimal airflow and comfort during intense activities.

3. Adjustable Fit: The adjustable straps and closures allow for a customized fit, ensuring that the knee guards stay securely in place without restricting movement.

4. Reinforced Construction: The reinforced construction of these knee guards enhances their durability, making them suitable for even the most demanding sports.


1. Enhanced Safety: The Fox Enduro Pro Knee Guard Black, 2XL provides reliable protection for your knees, reducing the risk of injuries during extreme sports activities.

2. Comfortable Fit: With their ergonomic design and adjustable fit, these knee guards offer a comfortable and secure fit, allowing you to focus on your performance.

3. Versatile Use: Whether you’re into mountain biking, motocross, or any other high-impact sports, these knee guards are designed to meet your needs and provide the necessary protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are these knee guards suitable for all sizes?
  2. Yes, the Fox Enduro Pro Knee Guard Black, 2XL is available in various sizes to accommodate different leg sizes.

  3. Can I wear these knee guards under my pants?
  4. Absolutely! These knee guards are slim and lightweight, making them easy to wear under your pants without compromising comfort.

  5. How do I clean these knee guards?
  6. You can hand wash these knee guards with mild soap and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or machine washing to maintain their quality.

  7. Can I use these knee guards for other sports?
  8. While these knee guards are specifically designed for extreme sports, they can also be used for other activities that require knee protection, such as rollerblading or skateboarding.


The Fox Enduro Pro Knee Guard Black, 2XL is the ultimate choice for extreme sports enthusiasts seeking reliable knee protection. With its advanced features, comfortable fit, and durable construction, these knee guards will keep you safe and confident during your high-impact adventures. Don’t compromise on safety – choose the Fox Enduro Pro Knee Guard Black, 2XL today!