DionoUltra Mat, Vehicle Seat Protector (2-Pack)

DionoUltra Mat, Vehicle Seat Protector (2-Pack)

Protect your car seats with the DionoUltra Mat, Vehicle Seat Protector. This 2-pack of full-size car seat mats offers complete back seat upholstery protection for children, car seats, and pets. Say goodbye to spills, scuffs, dirt, and indentations on your car seats!

Key Features

  • 5 layers of protection
  • Water-resistant material
  • Premium oxford fabric with anti-slip backing
  • Crash tested for safety
  • Compatible with all car seats

Safe and Secure

The DionoUltra Mat is designed with anti-slip fabric on the top and bottom panels to keep the protector and car seats in place. The PVC leather reinforced corners provide extra durability, ensuring that your car seats are protected at all times.

Easy to Clean

Accidents happen, but cleaning up is a breeze with the DionoUltra Mat. The water-resistant material can be easily wiped clean, making maintenance a simple task. No more worrying about stains or spills ruining your car seats!

Crash Tested for Safety

Your child’s safety is paramount, which is why the DionoUltra Mat has been crash tested to provide added peace of mind. With non-slip backing for a more secure feel, you can trust that your little ones are protected on every journey.


Is the DionoUltra Mat compatible with all car seats?

Yes, the DionoUltra Mat accommodates all seat sizes from infant car seats through to boosters and is compatible with LATCH, UAS, and isofix.

How many layers of protection does the DionoUltra Mat offer?

The DionoUltra Mat is made with 5 layers of high-quality, water-resistant material to ensure maximum protection for your car seats.


With the DionoUltra Mat, Vehicle Seat Protector, you can keep your car seats looking like new. The 5 layers of protection, crash-tested safety, and easy-to-clean design make it the perfect choice for families with children and pets. Say goodbye to worrying about spills and stains, and enjoy peace of mind on every journey!