Cherry Stone Traction Grit – Natural Snow & Ice Melt

Cherry Stone Traction Grit – Natural Snow & Ice Melt

Winter weather can create hazardous conditions on walkways and driveways. Cherry Stone Traction Grit offers a natural solution to keep your outdoor spaces safe and clear. Our product is designed to provide traction and melt ice, making it an essential addition to your winter maintenance routine.

Benefits of Cherry Stone Traction Grit

Natural and Environmentally Friendly

Unlike traditional ice melt products that contain harsh chemicals, our Cherry Stone Traction Grit is made from natural materials. It is safe for the environment and won’t harm plants or pets.

Effective Traction

The coarse texture of the cherry stones provides excellent traction on slippery surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls.


A little goes a long way with Cherry Stone Traction Grit. It stays in place and continues to provide traction even as snow and ice accumulate.

How to Use

Simply sprinkle Cherry Stone Traction Grit on icy or snowy surfaces. The natural properties of the cherry stones will begin to melt the ice and provide immediate traction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cherry Stone Traction Grit safe for use around pets?

Yes, our product is pet-friendly and won’t cause any harm to animals.

How does Cherry Stone Traction Grit compare to traditional ice melt products?

Cherry Stone Traction Grit offers a natural alternative to chemical-based ice melters. It is effective, environmentally friendly, and safe for use around plants and pets.


Cherry Stone Traction Grit is the perfect solution for keeping your walkways and driveways safe and clear during the winter months. With its natural composition and effective traction, it outperforms traditional ice melt products while being safe for the environment. Make Cherry Stone Traction Grit a part of your winter maintenance arsenal today.