Agatige Chair Leg Floor Protectors – Keep Your Floors Safe

Agatige Chair Leg Floor Protectors

Are you tired of your chairs scratching your beautiful hardwood floors? Do you want to reduce the annoying noise they make when moved? Look no further than Agatige’s 8pcs Rectangle Chair Leg Floor Protectors. These silicone non-slip covers are designed to keep your floors safe and your furniture quiet.


  • Rectangular shape for a secure fit
  • Clear design that blends with any furniture
  • Non-slip silicone material for stability
  • Felt pads to prevent scratches
  • Noise reduction for a peaceful environment

Easy to Use

Simply slip the chair leg floor protectors onto the bottom of your furniture legs. The non-slip silicone will keep them in place, and the felt pads will provide a smooth glide across your floors.

Protect Your Floors

Whether you have hardwood, laminate, tile, or any other type of flooring, these chair leg protectors will guard against scratches and dents, preserving the beauty of your home.

No More Noise

Say goodbye to the screeching sound of chairs being moved. The felt pads and non-slip design work together to reduce friction and minimize noise.


Q: Will these protectors fit my chair legs?

A: The rectangular shape is designed to fit a variety of chair leg sizes. They can also be easily trimmed to fit if necessary.

Q: Can I use these on other furniture besides chairs?

A: Absolutely! These protectors can be used on tables, desks, cabinets, and more.

Q: How do I clean the protectors?

A: Simply wipe them with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris.


With Agatige’s Rectangle Chair Leg Floor Protectors, you can keep your floors looking pristine and enjoy a quieter home. Say goodbye to scratches and noise, and hello to peace of mind.