30 Rolls 15000pcs White Price Gun Labels for Mx-5500 Labeller

30 Rolls 15000pcs White Price Gun Labels for Mx-5500 Labeller

Are you tired of constantly running out of price gun labels for your Mx-5500 labeller? Look no further! With our pack of 30 rolls, you’ll have a total of 15000pcs of white price gun labels, ensuring that you never run out at the most inconvenient times. Plus, we’re throwing in 3 piece refill ink rolls to keep your labeller in top condition.


  • 30 rolls of white price gun labels
  • 15000pcs in total
  • Compatible with Mx-5500 labeller
  • Includes 3 piece refill ink rolls

High-Quality Labels

Our price gun labels are made with high-quality materials, ensuring that they adhere securely to your products without leaving any residue. The bright white color provides a clear background for your pricing, making it easy for your customers to read.

Easy to Use

These labels are designed to be easy to load into your Mx-5500 labeller, saving you time and frustration. The refill ink rolls are also simple to replace, keeping your labeller in smooth working condition.


Are these labels compatible with other labeller models?

No, these labels are specifically designed for use with the Mx-5500 labeller.

Can I purchase the refill ink rolls separately?

Yes, we offer the refill ink rolls as a separate purchase for your convenience.


With 30 rolls of 15000pcs white price gun labels for your Mx-5500 labeller, along with 3 piece refill ink rolls, you’ll never have to worry about running out of labels again. Keep your products clearly priced and your labeller in top condition with this convenient pack.