1080P Full HD Car Driving Recorder

1080P Full HD Car Driving Recorder

Capture every moment on the road with our 1080P Full HD Car Driving Recorder. With 170 degrees wide angle and front and rear dual lens, this dashcam is perfect for motion detection and loop recording.

Key Features

High Definition Recording

The 1080P resolution ensures crystal clear footage of your driving experience, allowing you to capture every detail on the road.

Wide Angle Lens

With a 170 degrees wide angle lens, you can capture a broader view of the road, ensuring that no detail is missed.

Front and Rear Dual Lens

The dual lens design allows for simultaneous recording of both the front and rear of your vehicle, providing comprehensive coverage.

Motion Detection

The dashcam is equipped with motion detection technology, automatically recording when any movement is detected, even when your car is parked.

Loop Recording

Never worry about running out of storage space. The loop recording feature automatically overwrites the oldest footage with the newest, ensuring continuous recording.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the dashcam easy to install?

Yes, the dashcam comes with a simple installation process and can be easily mounted on your car’s windshield.

Does the dashcam have night vision?

Yes, the dashcam is equipped with night vision capabilities, ensuring clear footage even in low light conditions.

Can I view the footage on my phone?

Yes, the dashcam can be connected to your phone via Wi-Fi, allowing you to view and download footage directly to your mobile device.


Our 1080P Full HD Car Driving Recorder is the perfect companion for your journeys, providing peace of mind and security on the road. With its advanced features and easy installation, you can capture every moment with confidence.